going monastic

going monastic

my two boys (my husband and my 15 year old son) looked at the calendar last week and realized they both had this whole week off. an almost unheard of event in our house. with impulsive abandon and lightening speed they had lined up two fishing guides to do some flats fishing out of islamorada, florida. they invited me along, but i passed when i heard about repeated 4 am wake up times to get to airports and  marinas on time. so, for the first me in a very long time i have a size-able chunk of time all to myself.  it is quite possible that it may be as long as 20 years since i have had more than a day entirely to myself (our daughter eva is 20 years old). my plan is to go monastic. i am going to sleep until i am rested. i am going to eat healthfully, lightly, and consciously, i am going to read a lot, i am going to love up the puggle, i am going to get outside to walk,  and i am going to make a still blog photo each day. that’s it. no shoulds, no parent drop-off ad pick-up, no soccer practice, no piano lessons, no socializing, no laundry, no dishes. just a sleep, eat, walk, read. i think i am going to like being a monk.

red osier dogwood (Cornus sericea)

  • Stephendon says:

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  • Carol says:

    Sounds like heaven. Happy, restful Thanksgiving

  • Ellen Hoffmann says:

    Props to you. When I’m home alone, the food groups go out the window.

  • Charmian McLellan says:

    Don’t forget the wine!!


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