gammy has a green thumb

gammy has a green thumb

my mom, gammy to the grandkids, has a green thumb. all that really means is that she pays attention to how often to water, and then she does it. her birthday is in spring, not too far distant from mother’s day. so, not knowing what else to get an 85 year old, most of us kids and grandkids shower her with plants for her deck and back stoop and front entry and rear patio every spring. right now, both her deck and her stoop, are lush with flowering plants. but the the showstopper is this clematis vine loaded with these purplish-lilac flowers. she tells me the centers open and reveal yellow stamens. i think i prefer them like this… you?

clematis flowers

  • Ginny says:

    I think I’ll take them either way. A splendid blossom, for sure!


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