eye of the needles

i love the color of blue spruce.  i have loved it ever since childhood.  we had one in our yard when i grew up.  the blue spruce is not native to minnesota.  it is a rocky mountain tree.  but it’s a popular horticultural plant,  so we have lots of them around.  the silver-sage colored needles are a welcome variation on the sometimes monotonous green palettes of both winter and summer.

saint paul, minnesota




  • margie says:

    so creative how you photographed those beautiful needles

  • janine says:

    very nice, reminds me of Andy Goldsworthy’s work. Google him if you aren’t familiar with him, you will love his work.

  • Tracy Klinesteker says:

    I love the color too. It’s a lot like the color of Restoration Hardware’s “Silver Sage” wall paint, of which I have all over my home. Something about the “softness” of the gray in the green.


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