enough already!

enough already!

are you sick of crabapples? i usually don’t do the same subject three days in a row…but i gave a talk today at a local university, and now i have a 50th birthday party to attend this evening. so, all i had time for was swiping the pile of crabapples off my kitchen counter onto the floor, and making this bowl of candy-colored gum drops.  consider it a mini-demonstration on creativity: one subject, three ways. on how the first idea is not always the best idea..although sometimes it is. and on how essential play, and experimentation, are when doing creative work….blah blah blah…am i sounding like i am trying to justify myself? well, maybe i am. even so, i like the photo.

crabapples in autumn

  • Richard Reardon says:

    Relax. I suspect no-one cares if you have a run on crabapples. For myself, I just like looking at natural elements, elegantly arranged.


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