squiggle art

squiggle art

when both kids were little we often (like almost every day?) did a kind of coloring we called squiggle art. i would get a large sheet of paper and a black sharpie and make a giant squiggle doodle, which, in most cases, looked very much like this vine tendril. then we would fill in the spaces with patterns using colored pencils, markers, and crayons. i am not nostalgic as a rule, but tonight, with my daughter in san francisco and my son near the end of his junior year of high school, i think i will go downstairs and shuffle through some old squiggle-art masterpieces.

wild grape tendril

  • Susan L. says:

    They really do grow up so fast. My son is 36. I still have a twig with an attached acorn hat that he gave me when he was about four. It’s one of my most precious possessions.


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