desktop debris

desktop debris

wow, it is really getting dark early. it’s catching me short. i typically shoot my STILL images for the day in the afternoon. but the last several days, 3:30 pm rolls around, and i haven’t made my photo for the day yet, and it already feels like most of my light is gone. well, it’s november 21st already, so only one more month until the light begins to return. these green leaves, products of summer sunlight, have been cluttering up (beautifying?) my studio table. i am feeling the need to make space for the new. i am preparing to do a big sweep and send everything back out into the woods. but i have to psych myself up for it, because every item on my specimen table was gathered at some point with both attention and intention. it takes me a few days to let go of all those good intentions. but i am up to the task–out with the old, in with the new. it’s time.

assorted dried leaves from summer

  • Felecia says:

    so calming to start my morning with this image before I plunge into the hurly-burly of Thanksgiving prep and guests for the weekend. I’m glad to gather my loved ones around me and know that by the end of the weekend I’ll be ready to disperse them just as you are ready to return nature’s gifts to nature. Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for starting the holiday with such peace and joy!


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