designing on demand

designing on demand

Today I had a film crew stop by to get footage for a local television show. The feature won’t air until next year this time (for you local Twin Citians, it was for Ron Schara’s Minnesota Bound on Kare 11.)  It’s the third time I’ve been filmed for STILL, and each time I have been asked to make a STILL composition on the spot for the camera. Yeah . . . gulp. It’s hard to design on demand, while also talking informatively to the interviewer. The previous two times this has happened, I have not been entirely happy with what I created under such a microscope. If I had not been on film, I would have tinkered longer until I got something I liked. But this time it was different, I got it “right” on the first take. So, here is my impromptu composition of deconstructed tiger lilies. It wasn’t premeditated. It just spilled out of me on the spot. Maybe practice makes perfect. Or maybe I just got lucky. Or maybe I prepared to get lucky. Or maybe I’m getting better at this. Who knows? The beauty of STILL, as I’ve said many times, is that tomorrow  another image needs to get made.

deconstructed tiger lilies (Lilium lancifolium)

  • Rich Reardon says:

    Clever design. The display is wonderfully asian (to me anyway). Sparse and elegant.


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