part of the importance of STILL blog for me has been paying attention to small changes that occur daily over an entire year of seasons. that has meant that i spend a lot of time focused on the in-between. not the dormant bulb, nor the high-summer bloom, but the shoot that will become a stalk, the bud that will become a flower, the wilting petals about to fall, the leaf changing from green to russet. there is another transition that occurs after life. the transition from death to decay to disappearance. this afternoon, i ran into this turtle shell,  which strikes me as a brave example of resistance–the no-longer-living fighting a losing battle with the forces of destruction and disappearance. hang in there, turtle shell. you can’t know how your silent struggle inspires us.

snapping turtle shell

  • Susan L. says:

    Once again, you have touched me.


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