Day 4501

Day 4501

I have company in town for my big Book Launch week of events. May 1 is my Pub Day, and we are celebrating¬†with an open house party at a local¬†garden center/farm-to-table restaurant on Wednesday. So, I am entertaining company this week Thus, this now cattywampus patchwork quilt of colorful stems. It has lived on my kitchen floor ever since I made the original squared-up composition several days ago. It has been bumped, and tripped over, enough times now to fully qualify as a new STILL composition. LOL. I’m curious, do you like the straightened up first version or this version better?

quilt of cut stems

  • Old Lady Gardener says:

    The original appeals to my sense of order, this one to my sense of whimsy. On my kitchen floor it would look like a pile of pick-up-sticks by now!
    I’m so loving your book, MJ! Am trying to pace myself, to extend the pleasure of reading it for the first time instead of simply devouring it. It’s difficult!


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