cobbler’s children have no shoes

cobbler’s children have no shoes

my husband is a tax preparer (and food writer). in the united states, this means he is crazy busy from late january through late april. he essentially puts in a years’ worth of hours in five months, and makes a years’ worth of income by june.  it’s an unusual way to make a living, but we have come to like it because it gives us the remaining 6 months of the year to follow our respective creative pursuits. this is all a very long way of saying, that there are no winter vacations, and no spring breaks, for us. no escaping to sun baked beaches, no trekking in tropical jungles, no mojitos poolside in palm springs. it’s all hands on deck while everyone pitches in to get us through to may. so, as a consolation, i will be amusing myself over the next few weeks with reminders of long afternoons on the beach, lazily sifting through the sand looking for little treasures–sea glass, shells, or perfectly tumbled beach rocks. this collection here represents probably two dozen such days. it’s getting me excited for the next two dozen.

collection of beach rocks (mostly lake superior and the mediterranean)

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