classic combos

classic combos

i have a special place in my heart for rhubarb. it is one of the first harvested plants here in the north. matter of fact, it is almost always harvested the week of my birthday (this week). so, as a kid, my mom always made me my favorite pie for my birthday–strawberry rhubarb, at my request, instead of cake. i just couldn’t get enough of the sweet-sour combo. and i still can’t. to this day,¬†offer me strawberry rhubarb anything, and i’m in.

p.s. while in nyc for the james beard awards three weeks ago, i learned about something called “forced rhubarb” that caught my attention. i haven’t had time to follow up. oh, but i will…

rhubarb in may

  • Kate says:

    Funny, my French husband (who also just had a birthday) LOVES rhubarb pie. Lucky for him, in Alsace, they don’t make the strawberry-rhubarb combo, because for some reason he doesn’t eat strawberries. Can’t imagine why, but that just means more strawberries for the rest of us!


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