circling in

i know i’m supposed to say something very thoughtful and eloquent and maybe even a little bit moving about this complicated assemblage that took so long to put together. but the truth? the truth is, it was just fun. i got to spend an afternoon with a friend i’ve known since colllege, who, like me, is nurturing a young creative practice, and we just played for a while with the materials we had, while i was supposed to be preparing my house for a photo shoot. that’s my thoughtful and eloquent and slightly moving defense of my afternoon spent in diligent work avoidance, making something beautiful that i love with a good friend. damn. good enough for me.

a collection of bits and pieces from the collector’s desk

saint paul, minnesota

  • Hi I’m following your blog for a while now. Congratulation to your really clean and goog pictures. I should take it as a goal to make the same quality :-)

    I was wondering wheater you like to link your “Natur-ART” Mandala you posted today at my collection on
    I’d be pleased and you could show it to some other people to.
    Grüess Pascale

    • Yes, feel free to repost. I am flattered!
      Mary Jo

  • Dede says:

    Okay a photo shot at the house. I remember that you said you had a surprise coming and would be able to tell us soon. Did I miss the big reveal? I’d love to have this image hanging in my house! How can we get copies??

    • Hi Dede,
      No, that’s not the big surprise. Don’t worry, I promise you won’t miss the big reveal. Matter of fact, you’ll probably get sick of hearing about it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
      I’ll email you about getting a copy of this image!
      Mary Jo


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