cedar or cypress?

i was sure this was a cedar twig and cone

steve, my knowledgeable husband, was certain it was from a cypress

where is jean-luc when you need him?

autiganc, france

p.s. i spent thirty minutes on google trying to identify this…the closest i got was western red cedar, but i am not certain.  can anyone lend a hand?

  • margie says:

    i would vote for cyprus with open cones. If you still have the specimen the way to tell the difference between cyprus and cedar is to crush the folliage and if it smells like pineapple it is cedar.

  • maura says:

    It looks a lot like the cedar I see growing near me, but I’m far from an expert. Beautiful image either way, I so enjoy this project!

  • Larry says:

    I think it is a Red Cedar, Thuja plicata.


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