bulrush, reedmace, reed, cattail, punks, cumbungi, bulrush, cattail, raupo

bulrush, reedmace, reed, cattail, punks, cumbungi, bulrush, cattail, raupo

as a thumbnail on my imac desktop, this image looks a lot like a tear in white paper. that has to be symbolic of something. the tear in the fabric of our society? a tear in the polar ice caps? a tear in the white history of our nation? or is it a tear at all? is it just a winter cattail looking tired but strong after one hell of a year?

winter cattail

  • Dede Bliven says:

    After one hell of a day…..came back to stillblog to get some calm and found your musings. Maybe the cattail is remembrance that the stock is strong-like our democracy.


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