beautiful repetition

beautiful repetition

i truly feel that every trick any artist has ever tried has already been done to perfection in nature–whether it be playing with scale, playing with symmetry, playing with color, or, as in this case, playing with repetition. repetition seems to be one of mother nature’s favorite tricks. i feel as if she is a software engineer playing with code…”let’s try this simple branching algorithm, and then repeat it infinitely and see what happens”. “oh, that’s pretty good.” “okay, what if we added a little random variable noise?”. “hmm. even more interesting. let’s let it run for a million years and then see what we get.” it’s all been tried. there are no new ideas. just those we homo sapiens have not yet decoded.

  interrupted fern leaflets

  • Erin Bradley says:

    Yes, every idea, innovation and creation comes from nature. We are nature.


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