back to school, back to work

for most of us in the united states, today is the first day of school. and i can’t tell you how ready i am. usually i love having the kids home, running down to the lake, and then up through the house on the way to the neighbors’ across the street. happy kids, with wet hair, and tanned shoulders, and an eager puggle at their heels. but this year, perhaps because of our france trip, i am craving, absolutely craving, some structure and routine. i feel like i have been adrift since june. step one is always to get more regular and disciplined about my daily walks. my goal is every day, rain or shine, 3-5 miles.  i’m pretty good about it, but in summer with the kids around all day, my resolve melts.  if it is too hot, or too humid, i make up the thinnest of excuses. so, in an effort to jump start my new back-to-school routine, i took three long walks this weekend. and on each walk, i found one STILL-worthy item. three for three. i am choosing to take this as an auspicious start to the new (school) year.

striped feather, raccoon jaw bone, bittersweet berries

pike island, vadnais lake, and sucker lake trails in saint paul, minnesota


  • Happy come back to school to both your lovely children, Mary-Jo. U is going back this morning, P is going back this afternoon.
    I hear you about the need to go back to a particular rhythm that summer keeps us away from.
    Beautiful picks on your walk. ox


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