back from california where it is always spring

back from california where it is always spring

i took my son on a quick college visit the last couple days. is was in california. where everything was green and in bloom, they’ve had recent (much needed) rains. the place was sunny, and sparkly, and full of color. and i think, in the end, my son is going to choose a college in new york.  i guess he didn’t see himself among all the lycra shorts and tank tops on campus. anyway, i came home expecting us to be at least a little farther into the spring awakening than when i left. but when i took a quick spin through the woods, i found that very little had happened while i was away. what a stubborn year we are having. stubborn son, stubborn dog, and now a stubborn spring. gulp. perhaps i am the common link? perhaps they are not stubborn at all, and i am simply impatient.

handful of april budding twigs

  • Carol says:

    You will have the best of two worlds – one on the west coast and one on the east


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