as soft as a rock

i am still playing with my rock collections.  i hope you aren’t sick of rocks yet. these round and egg shaped speckled rocks are among my favorites–i love how they look solid and petrified on one hand, yet delicate enough to shatter like eggs.

lake superior beach rocks, minnesota

  • margie says:

    rocks are amazing, how could we ever tire or them

  • Jenn says:

    They look a lot like our Maine beach cobbles:

    I love the soft light you used – they look positively ethereal!

    • still says:

      Hi Jenn-
      I am familiar with your work! i’ve seen it on etsy, and i have it pinned on my assemblages & arrangements board on pinterest. I am a big fan. It is an honor to have you here.
      Yes, I am always struck how similar the flora, fauna, and geology of northern minnesota and maine are–ever since reading Blueberries for Sal as a a kid.
      welcome to STILL blog,
      mary jo


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