as old as time

as old as time

The oldest remains of roses are from the Late Eocene Florissant Formation of Colorado. That’s about 50 million years ago. Today’s garden roses come from 18th-century China. Among the old Chinese garden roses, the Old Blush group is the most primitive, while newer groups are the most diverse.  I think the reason these bush-roses caught my attention today is that the little bit of white at the base of each petal added a depth and dimension that made the pinks and yellows all the more radiant.  Bush roses feel old-fashioned to me–the kind of thing grandma would have had beside her house. But the older I get, the more I love seeing bush-rose borders heavy with June blooms. Ha! I turned 60 two weeks ago. Time to start planting those bush roses for the grandkids, when they come :-)

dark pink and yellow bush roses

  • Jill says:

    They look tropical from this perspective!


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