fearful symmetry

a collection of sun bleached bones found on the shores of the great salt lake in utah a couple of weeks ago.  i put them in a plastic bag and carried them home in my carry-on, grateful i didn’t have to explain anything to a customs officer, and musing on the absurdity of being able to carry animal bones across the country but no more than 2 fluid ounces of water.

i had originally thought they belonged to a former coyote, but now i am second guessing myself and thinking the delicate rib bones are too small for coyote.  maybe raccoon?  it’s all the same to me, they are both, since March of this year, “chicken predators” in my book.

great salt lake, utah

  • Kerry says:

    The lovely bones! I once knew someone who would reconstruct skeletons and suspend them for his ceiling.
    Beautiful photo!


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