achornes of okes

at the bottom of the tupperware tote that holds most of my i’m-not-ready-to-get-rid-of-this-quite-yet specimens, float a dozen or two acorns.  most of them have long ago fallen out of their respective cups.  here are a few survivors.

acorns; probably one white oak (left) and two bur oaks (right)

saint paul, minnesota

  • Tracy Klinesteker says:

    Amazing that they grow into those huge trees from such little seeds. Out in CA where I was raised and lived for many years, huge, old oak trees dot the open hillsides. Oaks are an important symbol of my life…sturdy, strong, surviving storms, wind, fire, and yet still reach out for the sun with long, crooked branches, offering food and shelter for all who rest beneath.

  • Guillermo Savant says:

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