a palette of spring greens

a palette of spring greens

every time i make a STILL blog photo i have a choice: bright light or soft light? sometimes the subject dictates, but usually, it’s a judgment call. Most often I choose soft light. But today I feel the bright sunshine on the waxy leaves gets more to the essence of these sturdy little leaves that rattle in the wind like the sound of rain.

mood. intention. instinct. i think i have used all of them as criteria/inspiration in my creative process. most recently however, i have been trying something new–trying to get at the essence of the thing i am photographing. the fernness of the fern, for example. it is easy to say, but hard to put into practice–it’s a subtle shift away from me and my interpretation of a subject, and toward the subject itself. listening deeper. looking closer. in some way i am trying to remove myself as much as possible to see if the result is more universal and less personal. we’ll see if there is a noticeable change. it will take time i believe.

spring cottonwood leaves


  • Mary Ann B says:

    I have always loved the sound of cottonwood leaves rustling in the wind


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