a national treasure

a national treasure

steve and i have a friend named alan bergo. he is a local chef with a national reputation for wild food foraging. he has written one book on the subject, with two more in the works. this was my text exchange with hime this afternoon:

me: Hey Alan, Do you know what plant this is? thx, Mary Jo

alan: Oh cool! Silene vulgaris “Stridolo”

steve: Dude you are a national treasure.

alan: You have to try the shoots in the spring! “Asparago de collejas” like asparagus crossed with a succulent.

can you image having a database like that in your head? how i would love to see the world through his eyes. this world needs more weirdos like alan bergo. he is my kind of weirdo.

bladder campion (Silene vulgaris “Stridolo”)


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