a love of learning

a love of learning

for the first 9 years of doing STILL, i thought goldenrod was goldenrod was goldenrod. abundant. and often confused with ragweed. then this past year, i learned that minnesota has as many as 18 types of native goldenrods. what? 18 types of goldenrod*. with maybe a dozen of them in and around the twin cities.  really? how is it that i could not have noticed this? STILL is all about noticing, after all. so, i started looking more carefully. and sure enough…there they are. everywhere. this selection of four types was from just one field this morning!  i was so excited when i came home with my armful goldenrod this morning. i learned something new today. and i am beginning to realize that learning new things if one of my greatest joys. today was a good day x 4.

4 types of goldenrod: stiff leafed, broad leafed, showy, and canadian goldenrod (Solidago)


*goldenrod is native to north america, with almost 120 varieties.

  • Susan L. says:

    Well, son of a gun. I didn’t realize.


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