a hearty non-native

a hearty non-native

Rhododendrons are popular in Minnesota. They do well here. They are native to the Himalayan regions, which explains why they would thrive in our harsh northern climate. I find the the colors of these buds against the over-wintered leaves very pleasing.

The other day, Susan left a comment in response to the anxious energy I have been experiencing about this spring. She put into words exactly what I have been feeling, so I wanted to share it here:

“Speaking for myself, this year I feel anxious about what happens next. Normalcy? Excessive heat, rain, etc.? Another tree blown down in another rain storm? Why have there been bluebirds in Maine this winter? I think I want the next season to arrive just to assure me that there will be a next season.”

rhododendron with spring buds

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