basket weaving

basket weaving

i’m pretty proud of myself. i eyed these twigs sticking up out of the snow along a boulevard in south minneapolis. the delicate leaves still intact despite two feet of snow and two months of northern winds.  i had no idea what kind of plant it was. maybe a kind of fern? maybe an asparagus? but then those empty seed cases caught my eye down near the vertex of the branches and i thought, huh, those look . . . and yes i used this word . . . those look “milkweedish.” a quick google search when i got home led me to something called whorled milkweed. a new-to-me minnesota native plant. if not for STILL blog, i probably wouldn’t have even seen this plant among all the urban distraction. and if not for STILL blog, i certainly wouldn’t have been able to identify it so readily. it’s a small thing that is not quite so small as it seems.

whorled milkweed

minneapolis, mn

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