dead birds

in a recent interview, i was asked about the prevalence of death in a blog purportedly preoccupied with simplicity and the beauty of nature. i answered this way: “it should be obvious, but focusing on nature does not always mean water lilies and sunflower fields. everything in nature dies, and if you spend enough time there, dead things simply become part of the landscape, and coming across them becomes part of experiencing that landscape. they are often some of my favorite images—with a lot of peacefulness, beauty and grace. in all cases, the animals were found already deceased, and, I hope you agree, have been respectfully commemorated.” all of the above apply to this dead pigeon, found in a nest of its own beautiful feathers beside the trail this afternoon.

pigeon feathers and head

vadnais lake trail, saint paul, minnesota

  • Cecelia says:

    I particularly like your photos of the dead. I am able to see the beauty these creatures posses. when they are alive and running or flying away from us we can’t see all their glory.

  • Susan says:

    There is definitely beauty in death. We could see it more clearly if we weren’t so afraid of it.


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