i do most of my gathering while i am walking the dog. i like to let the dog run off-leash as much as possible. which means i do a lot of leash management–on the leash, off the leash, on the leash, off the leash–with every passer by.  in other words, i usually have my hands full with just the dog. so, i tend to focus my foraging efforts on smaller items i can stick in my pockets. or my empty coffee mug. these nine fall fruits were especially fun to suss out. and my starbucks iced latte mug a perfect gathering basket.

happy autumnal equinox all!


  • Ginny says:

    This reminds me of something we did in like first grade math… But, being so very far from those days, I can’t put my finger on exactly what! Anyhow, it’s cool!


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