not ordinary at all

not ordinary at all

I visit my mom three or four times a week. It’s part of my morning routine: drive thru coffee and a podcast on the way to Mom’s (no judging please :-) My mom has this clematis vine right beside her front door. It is magnificent in its showiness–enormous golfball-sized buds, and palm-sized tissue-paper blossoms. Every year, for fifteen years, we sit in awe and stare. I love that this vine blooms only once a year. Otherwise I fear I would become habituated to it, and maybe stop noticing it all together.  Once a year is all I need. All I really want.

clematis flowers (buttercup family, Ranunculaceae)

  • Old Lady Gardener says:

    I agree! Even the most stunning blossom (as this one is) becomes ordinary with over exposure. Thank goodness for small doses, a time to savor each one in its own season. Imagine if all flowering things opened in spring and bloomed all season, til first frost! Constant, continual sensory overload. No thanks.
    Drive thru coffee and a podcast seem a perfect partners for your frequent drive to Mom’s.


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