Let’s play I Spy

Do you remember the game I Spy from those childhood Scholastic books?  I feel like this bag dump of all my bits and pieces from California is like one of those I Spy challenges at the back of the magazine. Can you find eucalyptus seeds? Magnolia pods? Wisteria seed casings? How many guinea fowl feathers do you find? How many different kinds of gumnuts? How many red cedar cones?  Poppy seedpods? How many sweet gum balls? How many pieces of driftwood? How about mussel shells? And here’s one that’s entirely new to me: How many Norfolk Island pine needles (not a true pine) can you find? Acorn caps? dried lace lichen? And finally, how many peony seedpods? If any of you can identify all of these, tell me! I will be duly impressed.

bits and pieces of California, March 2024

  • Old Lady Gardener says:

    That’s quite a good haul! I think I can identify most of them, but count them? I don’t think so! It’s spring gardening season and there aren’t enough hours in the day as it is, heh heh. It’s a beautiful collection, MJ. Now let me get back outside, the day is slipping away :)


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