i do love a good collage

i do love a good collage

this collage of paper birch bark reminds me of one of my favorite textural subjects…peeling billboards, telephone poles, and newsstands. really, anywhere where people layer flyers, playbills, and announcements on top of one another over the years, and then they start to peel back and weather revealing hidden layers, text, and colors. i am not the only one who loves this, i know, because many artists over the years have made various attempts at both capturing and/or recreating this very effect. i am just one more voice, among many, trying to capture the allure of layered ephemera and hidden history. but my tool of choice is not paper, nor paint, but instead birch bark. naturally.

paper birch bark (Betula papyrifera)

  • Old Lady Gardener says:

    I could totally wallpaper one wall of a den with this bark collage. Just stunning!


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