free but priceless

free but priceless

today i took my first Creative Mornings virtual Field Trip–these are free events, offered up by artists and creatives around the globe, and facilitated by the creative mornings staff. it was very well run, and utterly delightful. the workshop i chose was called Sustaining Art in the Home. there were 75 of us on the zoom call, and the two hosts walked us through making a simple zine of meaningful objects in our home using thoughtful prompts. everyone shared their results at the end, and you could feel the collective enthusiasm for what we created in a mere 50 minutes. anyway, if you are curious, just google Creative Mornings Virtual Field Trips. hope to see you on one soon!

p.s. any graphic designers out there that want to turn this image into holiday wrapping paper for me? if so, leave me a comment and i will send you the high-res file. let’s team up.


  • Old Lady Gardener says:

    Being an incredibly (obsessively?) detail oriented person, I had fun dissecting this beautiful, seasonal image. Here’s what I’ve observed:
    5 unique trees, 10 total
    1singleton, 3 sets of twins, 1 set of triplets
    2 versions of tree trunk
    only 1 image has been flipped, the one with a black-eyed Susan as a tree topper
    The original 5 form a triangle at upper left, placement of the other 5 appears random.
    Did I miss anything incredibly obvious?


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