a little pressure

a little pressure

i know, i know. summer has barely ended and i am already photographing pressed flowers. ‘save them for winter’ the voice in the back of my head is saying. waiting for winter was too much delayed gratification for me. i love the way these bee balms pressed. like little jester caps.

pressed bea balm (monarda)

  • Ginny says:

    Beautiful MJ! They glow with an inner light. Did you use a light box to shoot them?

    • Hi Ginny,
      I do not use a light box…but the image is indeed very softly back lit. I attach them (usually with tape or a pin) to my light diffuser screen and place that in front of south facing window.
      My set-up is essentially a light box at that point. For me, personally, I generally like the light to be soft and diffuse. But i don’t always have control over that. I (almost) always use natural light.
      Are you making photos too??
      Mary Jo


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