hiding in plain sight

hiding in plain sight

after almost nine years of still blog, i sometimes feel as if my next subject will have to come from some distant place i’ve never been. nature is vast but not infinite, and i have frisked her pretty thoroughly around my house. and yet as i walked up my own driveway yesterday, this complicated beauty was suddenly there like no big deal. i assumed she had to be a domesticated plant, but no. she is known as obedient plant, and she grows wild across the northern united states. per her name, she posed quite obediently for her portrait, although there was something jaunty in the tilt of her green topknot. i believe she and i will remain friends.

obedient plant blooming (Physostegia virginiana)

  • Susan L. says:

    I didn’t know this was a wild plant! I bought one in a nursery years ago. It’s called “obedient” because you can move the flowers and they’ll stay where you put them. Nature is forever fascinating, as are your photographs.


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