enter title here. blah

enter title here . blah

sometimes i take my STILL blog photo for the day, and edit it, and post-process it, and then make dinner, and then start the fire, and then have three hours of conversation on the couch, while i and my husband give out head rubs and back rubs to our sixteen year old son, and by then it might be 10 o’clock in the evening, some evenings, at that point, i have forgotten that there is a STILL blog post to finalize, and i ask my husband to fill in. what he usually sees is a more or less interesting photo, with space to come up with a title, and space to come up with a description. i label these two elements, “enter title here,” and ” blah.” so hi. this is steve. and i entered a title. and i filled in “blah.”  and this is what you get for still blog today. welcome behind the scenes, where the sausage gets made.

marsh grass in winter


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