panic time

panic time

the snow is melting. the magnolia buds are swelling. and it is the time of year when i start panicking because spring happens so fast here. although this year, spring appears to be arriving almost a whole month early. if indeed it has, it might mean that we will get a proper multi-month spring, and i will be able to capture some of it for STILL. typically in minnesota, spring lasts more or less one day, around may 5. then it’s immediately too hot, and summer is here. the other thing that happens this time of year, is that, after months of lamenting my drab and monochrome surroundings, i get suddenly very nostalgic for the austere winter stems of our northern prairies. the graphic and otherworldy shapes will soon be hidden by a thick profusion of green sameness. yeah. the weather here doesn’t give me a break. and in turn, i don’t give it a break.

winter stems, seed heads,  and dried blossoms



  • Patty says:

    One day. May 5th, give or take a day or two! You summarized this elusive Minnesota season perfectly! I’m still chuckling…


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