during the times in my life when i don’t live close to nature i tend to have “places” where i go during the day. the grocery store, the post office, the cafe, the restaurant. i am in search of a particular product or a particular experience and i go to some “place.” but when i’m living closer to the natural world, i also have “spots.” they are not places. people aren’t waiting there to welcome me and sell me something. they are little hidden corners, where i know something grows. morel hunters have “spots” they check every spring. fishermen have walleye “spots” in the middle of featureless lakes. there are, and always have been, “spots” where the underwater spring wells up from the rock, or where the bees are making wild honey this year, or the blueberries are bigger and juicier. i have a lunaria spot. it is beside the orb river, down a rutted path, along vineyard, and near a bridge. that is all i will tell you. but there are lunaria there. we just went for one of our visits to my spot, and there they were.


  • Ginny says:

    Lovely distinction between “places” and “spots”. I never thought about it in words before, but I know you’re right! Thanks, MJ.


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