keeping it real

keeping it real

so most of the time i try to find some correlation between the language of my post and its subject. but today i cleaned my basement. i sweated and triaged and went to goodwill and built shelves and threw away artwork and gathered nature. that’s what i did today. i love the angled little daisy in the foreground of this photo, but that’s not what i was thinking about today. i was thinking about freeing square footage of floor space in my basement. welcome to the world of a daily blog.

wild daisies

  • Felicia Cass says:

    Three months ago, due to a furnace failure, I was FORCED to empty my basement studio and start over. Just yesterday as I was rearranging the books in my new sunlight studio on the second floor, I wondered when does the “beginning” of a studio remodel become the “middle”, or better yet the “end”. Good luck with your emptying out to fill again!


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