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these are still trilliums. they are a couple of weeks past their prime. they are not white anymore but a sort of lavender rose. their leaves are beginning to look variegated. but the point is, this is still a trillium. the trillium, like all annual plants, maybe like all plants period. exists on a spectrum. there is dormant trillium, and emergent trillium and budding trillium and blooming trillium (which is what we are all inclined to call “trillium”), and there are these evanescent blooms, that are still, at their core, trilliums. i wish we could think of our fellow humans this way, just a little more often. these aren’t roses. they are trilliums. they just happen to be a different color, a different hardiness, a different texture.¬†and quite beautiful.

trillium patch

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