i have tried to cultivate boredom in my children. that sounds funny, but i mean it. i like to hear occasionally that they are bored. in fact, i fear that one of the most destructive current childhood trends is the disappearance of any opportunity for boredom. boredom is the manured and tilled ground from which creativity often sprouts, and a childhood without boredom is a childhood, too often, of easy and passive entertainment. let me say that i feel i am losing the battle, not just society-wide but in my own household. today was a wonderful exception, as i collaborated with my bored son on a rock tower assemblage.

beach rocks (mostly lake superior and the mediterranean)

  • Jenny b says:

    ot os SP hard! I tell myself this all the time. “out of boredomcomes creativity
    but to achieve this when society is screaming the contrary feels like I’m a fish swimming upstream. It will be worth the battle but is definitely not the easier road to take.


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