beach girl

beach girl

my daughter has been a water baby since she was a toddler. she spent whole summers out on our lake, floating with friends, holding onto improvised rafts and talking about nothing at all, then diving deep and emerging with her hair slicked back like a seal. on florida vacations and our france sojourns, she spent hours sitting in the sand drawing random patterns and then running into the waves. now she goes to school in california, and once again has found a home near the ocean. she just spent the holiday with us in minnesota. she seemed happy to be home. but the day after christmas, she scuttled south, to be with her love, in mexico. she just reported by text that she spent all of today on a beach, and ended the day eating fried fish, looking out at the pacific. miss you honey. but i’m happy you’re happy.

shell collection: mostly florida gulf coast  and french mediterranean

  • Kandi says:

    I love the beach. The sea. The sand. The shells. The ocean breeze. The changing colors of the sea and sky. The sense of serenity and peace I feel there. Like a continual cleansing breath.


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