in the future, we will grow our buildings from bulbs, and we will live inside their comfortable, bioengineered cells for a limited number of years, until it is time for them to return to earth, by which time we will have planted other bulbs, that will be waiting for us a little ways across town. our cities will all be temporary cities, near water, which we won’t pollute, and then┬áthose cities will be earth again, and we will generate energy from their slow deterioration. i ask you. is that more far-fetched, in the history of humankind, than a human being whose feet never touch the earth, who drinks only water filtered by the government because no other water is safe to drink, and who eats blended protein powder for breakfast?

paperwhite narcissus shoots (narcissus papyraceus)

  • B J Heine says:

    Great thoughts!


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