steal like an artist

steal like an artist

one of my foundational pieces of advice, which really lies at the origin of STILL blog, is “do good work and put it where people can see it.” that quotation is from austin kleon, who also wrote a book called “steal like an artist.” his point is that there is nothing new, and that everything is more or less borrowed from something else, so go out there and find influences and copy them and you can’t help but make them your own. i don’t know the name of the artist i stole this from (theirs was in metal), but i am admitting without any hesitation that this is a concept i “stole like an artist.” thank you to whomever i stole this from. and to whomever they stole that from. and to whomever that person stole their image from. etc. etc. etc.

winter stems with circles of birch bark


  • Heather says:

    I recently read that book as well, it’s so good :) Felt like every line warranted an underlining mark by my pen. I found out about your blog through Better Homes and Gardens (great article!) and now I look forward to checking in every day for your next photo. So, thanks for putting your heart/work out there for people to see it.


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