what it could be

what it could be

  • lost archipelago recently found in the in the south pacific with new species of palm.
  • dr seuss’s original truffula trees
  • golf divets from augusta national found by creatively inclined groundskeeper
  • bigfoot’s bonsai experiment
  • cordyceps fungi parasitizing an abstract art installment
  • the saddest little garden
  • the alien invasion at last
  • a genetically modified hyper-carbon-consuming flower that will soon alter the trajectory of global warming and save the world.
  • blobs of moss with winter wildflowers stuck in them
  • (the last one is my least favorite)

ok fine: blobs of moss with winter wildflowers stuck in them. sigh.

  • Kimbersew says:

    It is wonderful. That’s what it is.

  • Carol says:

    Who cares – it is poetry

  • Heather says:

    long live the sad gardens.


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