white on white

white on white

two of my three boys (the short furry one stayed home) spent thanksgiving week in the florida keys casting for barracuda and bonefish and jacks. it reminded me that i haven’t tried a white on white photo in a while, and i have a bunch of florida shells in my basement collection, and i figured i’ve gotten better at white on white, after years of mixed to no success. this is doubtless a better photo than i would have taken five years ago, but what i forgot is that expectations rise along with improved skills, and so i did not see this as a significant improvement over my previous abilities, but rather as something i could still improve upon, based on my current abilities. sigh. i was hoping for better than good enough. but good enough is what i got.

florida gulf coast shell collection

  • Brigitte Fisher says:

    I’m a shell collector who lives in Florida and I love this one!


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