the pleasures of dailyness part 938

the pleasures of dailyness part 938

in a recent interview with a local public television station i was asked whether i expect i will ever run out of material for STILL blog. i replied immediately without hesitation, “no.” because even if i photographed every plant and animal that could conceivably surround me, and even if then found two or three different ways of looking at each of those things, i would still have all of the one-time surprises that greet me on my daily walks. like this fern that that was either not quite unfurled completely, or that was a little bit dehydrated, so that its tips drooped in this magical way. in some ways, i could imagine just photographing ferns, or just the leaves of trees, or just found feathers, day after day, year after year, because everything is different every single day from how it was yesterday. if you only think of separate species it is possible to imagine reaching the end of new STILL blog subjects. but if you think of everything as constantly changing, then there is an endless source of images waiting to be discovered for an endless number of years.

fern with curled tips

  • Susan says:

    Sometimes I get chills when I see your photographs. So lovely.


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