paint and paper 1

as i mentioned in the text of my first collage series, for all of 2017 i will be making a collage a day. i published the rules of this collage challenge with the first series. the intentions behind the rules are just as important as the rules themselves. so, to state them clearly, my intentions behind the STILL collage project are as follows: 

  1. commit to a daily creative practice, 
  2. strengthen composition muscles
  3. work quickly and decisively
  4. explore techniques promiscuously  (“steal like an artist”)
  5. play with enough different styles to see if a personal style emerges
  6. practice minimalism through deliberate restraint

i hope you check back here regularly. i will be adding six new collages a week for the rest of 2017.

  • Jeanette Giles says:

    Hey Maryjo thank you for continuing to grow and expand your beautiful Still website. I love Night very much and am very excited to watch your progress in dawn collage. You are an amazing artist and your work inspires me . BTW I love my Still Duvet cover and pillows.

    • Hello Jeanette,
      Such kind words to wake up to this morning. Thank you so much!
      Mary Jo


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