paint by number

this sorted assemblage of beach rocks reminds me of the dabs of color on a paint-by-number set. a couple of years ago while vacationing on the north shore of lake superior, my husband bought a paint by number set “for the kids.” the kids lost interest after 30 minutes, and steve and i spent the next several hours of a rainy afternoon concentrating somewhat intensely on filling each #4 blob with blue, #3 with green, #6 with ocher, etc. By the time we were done, the woodland scene was, let’s be clear, absolutely PERFECT.

color sorted beach rocks

assorted global beaches–but mostly lake superior and the mediterranean

  • Love that there is a heart-shaped rock at the heart of the pack

  • Leslie Ann Rice says:

    I have loved your photos and details of them. I also found myself looking back to the fun of my youth. So I did a whole wall with a paint by number scene, as I pass the room I always smile just like I do every day with your blog. Thank You

    • A paint-by-number wall! That’s brilliant! I’d love to see it, have you posted photos of it anywhere?
      Mary Jo

  • betsy caldwell says:

    My first thought was of a painter’s gray scale, white to black. But those greens!
    (My sons used to present me heart-shaped rocks when they found them so, of course I saw her too.)

  • LW says:

    i love rock and this is spectacular!

  • margie says:



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