and then one day

i will be giving a talk this wednesday for the see change conference in minneapolis. i will be telling the story of my creative journey through the story of STILL blog and the places it has led me. but the main topic will be the power of dailiness. how a daily practice generates such enormous rewards through the accumulation of small things that add up to large things over time. one of the other rewards of dailiness is that, if you have been taking photos of nature every day for over five years, you get to stop and notice the particular day when the very first lilac flower blossoms on a head of unopened buds.

lilac beginning to blossom

saint paul, minnesota

  • Sara says:

    Oh that first flower! There is so much hope in that first little flower.

  • Seeing your photo made me go out and check my lilac bushes. They are not quite as far along as yours but soon! Your photos with the black background are stunning.

  • This is such a striking photo!


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