too many hats

too many hats

i am in the process of overpreparing for a photo shoot, which includes a semi-comprehensive home makeover, while i simultaneously investigate a couple of simmering potential creative outlets. meanwhile my husband is preparing for the october 15 tax extension deadline and trying to maximize the writing he can do between now and the end of the year. a friend of mine is acting as the creative director for the photo shoot and general creative partner this fall. i just sent her a near-horizon list of items that we should all be keeping in mind. it was thirty-one items long. the painters arrive tomorrow at 7:00. i say all this not because i want anyone’s sympathy. these are all decisions i have made voluntarily. i’m just saying that even someone who craves balance and makes a lot of decisions to make room for balance, sometimes has to come to terms with periods of imbalance. pure balance all the time is static, and a little boring, even though right now, what i want most in the world is to be bored for a day.


shoreview, minnesota

  • Catherine Hook says:

    Beautiful Michaelmas daisy for September !


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